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Irish Roots Magazine Digital Issue No 84

Irish Roots magazine is a celebration of Irish ancestry, heritage, culture and traditions.

In this issue:- 

Trace Your Ancestors Online Using Military Archives, Gravestone Inscriptions & More.
Discover One Of The Greatest Untapped Sources For Irish Genealogy.
Four Destructive Habits To Avoid When Preserving Your Old Photographs.
Finding Irish Relatives In America - Part Two.
Trinity Historians Reconstruct Irish Medieval Documents Burnt In 1922.
Eccentric Ireland - Co. Tipperary.
The Canavan Collection - A Breathtaking Irish Genealogical Resource.
When Undertaking Irish Ancestral Research In Australia Remember To.....
Gene Detective - Your Genealogy Questions Answered.
Whats New? Review
Family Ties Moored On The River Moy.
News From The World Of Genealogy And Lots Lots More!