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Irish Roots Magazine - Digital Issue No 101

The SPRING Issue Of Irish Roots Magazine Is Out Now!

This issue includes:-

•   Using Civil Registration Records To Help With Your Research.

•   Learn How To Trace Your KILKENNY Ancestors.

•   Understanding DNA Findings & Connecting The Results To Your Family History


•   Effective Ways To Cut Accommodation Costs For Your Online Research.

•   Explore Irish Weddings & Customs.

•   Find Out About Irish Place Names & Families From Those Areas.

•   Australian Irish Connections:- Shackled - Females Convicts At Moreton Bay

   1826 - 1839.

•   7 Unusual Ways To Trace Your Irish Ancestors.

•   And Another Thing, Genealogical Comment And Observation With Steven Smyrl.

•   Discover The Latest Record Releases To Help With Your Research, Your Genealogy

    Questions Answered, Letters To The Editor And Lots Lots More!