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Irish Roots Magazine - Digital Issue No 119

The Autumn Issue of Irish Roots magazine - Issue no 119  is out now!

 In this issue:-

•  Helpful Tips & Tools For Tracing Your Irish Ancestors.

•  Local Resources For Family History Research: County Offaly. 

•  DNA Using Probability Scores To Identify The Most Likely Relationship. 

•  Grand Juries In Ireland: The Politics Of Power In The Counties.  

•  Discover The Treasure Trove Of Quaker Records Available. 

•  In Search Of The Ultachs (Ulster Families).

•  Sourcing A Rare 138 Year Old Photo And A Historic Murder Mystery. 

•  Australian Irish Connections 19th Century Colonial Census Compilations.

•  Whats New? Review - Keep Up To Date With The Latest Irish Genealogy Record  Releases, Letters To The Editor, Quarterly Editor's Book Selections, Readers Experience, Your Genealogy Queries Answered, Our Regular Contributors Articles And Lots Lots More!